Feb 25, 2021

2 min read


I’m trying to do this thing where I don’t come on here and vomit all my unfortunate feelings. I am soooo tired of writing about sad shit? And if it doesn’t want to release me then I personally will release it

So, right now it is 4:21am on the 25th February. I can’t sleep and I’ve decided to get some work done and sleep whenever it decides to come as I have a free ish day today. Perks of working from home lool

And just before I got up to start working I decided to lie in bed and randomly put a post up. I know, even I am SHOCKED. Good shock though, I think this is good.

I bought some naan bread to use for shawarma and today it expires. The 25th has been on my mind for that reason alone. I wanted to write that down too

Anyway. I want to write happy things again. That’s the point of this post. I had fun with this page once upon a time. Now I equate it with sadness and I don’t want that anymore you know? To be honest I don’t have many happy things to write about because ANXIETY IS KICKING ME IN THE ASS RIGHT NOW. But this is me telling my brain Ha! Fuck you! So yeah

I’m rambling. I will stop now, but expect me to just write……if not particularly happy things, then just random things I come across, or think about. Or things I would probably make a thread on twitter. That’s a safe start you know? Stay tuned, or don’t. This isn’t a solid promise lool